Friday, December 08, 2006

Let's Learn More about J C Henneberger Part 2


Henneberger had made and lost fortunes. He founded College Humor. This date, when he visited Long accompanied by Lovecraft, he was in New York to find capital for both Weird Tales and Detective Tales. He had not abandoned his pleas for HPL to take the reigns at WT.

It seems certain that HPL was deflecting overtures so that Long could be considered editor. It was not to be.

However, Henneberger did agree to accept Long's Desert Lich for Weird Tales and a detective story. Within weeks, Farnsworth Wright took over as editor.

Question: Was Henneberger in New York to get funds from Houdini??? I suppose we will never know.

From Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Dreamer on the Night Side, Frank Belknap Long, updated, 1975, Arkham House, pp. 120-122.

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