Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Arkham House Collector Issue 1 Part 2

Here is the text and content of a classic piece of history. The Arkham House Collector was a marketing tool that contained special, and hard to get information on HPL, along with advertising of forthcoming products of Arkham House.

Issue One Cover Text:

Arkham Collector, Number One, Summer 1967, 50 cents. The Arkham Collector is an experiment designed to replace the hitherto annual bulletin announcements. Judging by their indifferent response, we have come to feel here at Arkham House that many people who have been sent our bulletins in the past are not interested in receiving them, and it seems to us that it would be more efficient to send out announcements only to people who take the trouble to subscribe to them in this form though the Arkham Collector will not be confined to mere announcements of coming titles. Moreover, it has become too time-consuming to go through the address files year after year to check against purchases made from our lists during previous years. We propose henceforth to confine announcements to the present publication, which will be issued at least once a year, if not more often, as circumstances demand.
About The Shuttered Room in paperback. A few patrons of Arkham House have recently become irate about the appearance on newsstands of The Shuttered Room, by one Julia Withers. “A shattering story of Gothic Romance and terror – now an unforgettable motion picture. She was beautiful, young, and damned by the echoes of an unspoken curse.” - the typical Hollywood claptrap that is a far cry from The Shuttered Room familiar to collectors of Arkham House books.

Arkham House THE ARKHAM COLLECTOR Number One Summer 1967 Limited Edition (Approx. 2500 copies) The Arkham Collector was a small periodical published by Arkham House starting in 1967. Each issue contained announcements of upcoming books, news clips, essays, poems, story segments, and much more. As such, they offer a fascinating historical insight to Arkham House and their work. Of note, is H.P. Lovecraft always plays a central role (as with the publisher). Some of the more interesting essays on Lovecraft, first appeared in the Collector. It was treated as advertising, and as such, issues were often thrown away, so even with a circulation of around 2500, copies are hard to come by. Remainder issues of The Collector were bound and sold in book form, again decreasing the number of individual issues.
This is issue number one of The Arkham Collector, published in the Summer of 1967 at 50 cents a copy. 24 pages.

Contents Include:
Arkham Collector Introduction
About "The Shuttered Room" in Paperback
Graveyard in April by Joseph Payne Brennan
H.P. Lovecraft & Science Fiction
The Mrs. Ann Radcliffe Literature Award
Someone At The Pasture Gate by August Derleth from Nightshade
The Praed Street Irregulars
The Pontine Dossier
Nightmare by Walter Shedlofsky
A Bok Folio (on Hannes Bok)
The Key by Duane Rimel
Nocturne by Herman Stowell King
Necrology (On Clark Ashton Smith and H. Russell Wakefield) Bibliographical Notes
Colin Wilson
Coye Illustrates Lovecraft
The Lovecraft Letters
E. Hoffmann Price
Nightmares and Daydreams Nelson Bond
The Art of the Pastiche
The First Solar Pons Novel
The Projected Arkham House Program
Tintagel by L. Sprague de Camp
On Publication Dates

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