Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thank you!

The previous blog post was our 100th! Yes, you've been faithful, my HPLian bloggers. I appreciate each of the 1100 reads of my blogs, essays, stories, comments and factoids.

Those of you who have shared comments, guest essays, private correspondence, and more - thank you, too.

We have only begun to explore the excitement of Lovecraftiana. *

* With 100 blogs under our belt, there is plenty to read and digest - and Chrispy does have to create his own fiction, so if I slow down on blog posts, don't fret. I am here. You can see my fiction and non-fiction over at and also my weekly blog turn at HLblog. But, I have an endless set of ideas and essays for the future.

Coming up in the weeks ahead: "ebay and Lovecraft", more deconstruction of Lovecraft fiction by Chrispy, and a comparison of the nihilist cosmicism of late Transcendental ecologist, Loren Eisley, and Lovecraft's.

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