Saturday, February 18, 2006


Darklines has been inactive so long, many have forgotten it. Not Chrispy. There are many fond memories of the place - and ... now ... it ... has ... resurrected.

Go to and watch for the building excitement to tonight, Saturday!

I will have an interview with one of the creators up and running at my current home base: , but here is a taste of that interview.

Chris for HL: Anthony, the Darklines site was a creative success and jump started many discussions and budding careers. You showed many writers a new way of creating horror on the internet. What happened? Where have you been?

Anthony for Darklines: Thank you for the kind words. You know, when we started Darklines I didn't actually think it would be as enjoyable and rewarding to build as it turned out to be. The members were all fantastic and the feeling of community was palpable. There was a camaraderie between our members that I would have never thought possible. Bringing it down was painful, but necessary in my opinion. Probably the first thing that started the ball rolling in the bringing down of the site was the fact that my partner, Ritchy, for his own reasons, had to bow out. That left me to maintain, enhance, and administer the site on my own. This didn't leave much time for the expansion and reengineering of the site that I felt needed to occur. Toward the end of Darklines Ritchy came back into the fray.

Unfortunately, however, the site wasn't built using a solid technological foundation and it became quickly apparent that enhancing it the way we wanted to using the existing architecture would have been excruciating to say the least. Right at the very end I attempted to do an incremental reengineering of a few key pieces of the site without completely tearing it apart, but alas, I determined that the only way to do the site justice would be to rebuild from the ground up. be continued March 1, 2006 at and in the meantime watch at

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