Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lovecraft on the Weird Tale.

In a letter to Henry Kuttner, Lovecraft adds a special note to his interpretation of the Weird Tale.

[1] "The best & most potent horror is the subtlest - - what is vaguley hinted but never told. ... Atmosphere is the one supreme desideratum of the weird tale."

- and later in another letter -

[2] "To my mind the most effective method is to suggest certain things through unmistakable eveidences & let the reader do his own imagining. ... I don't agree on the importance of plot ... the best weird tales are those in which the narrator ... remains (as in actual dreams) largely passive ...".

1 H. P. Lovecraft: Letters to Henry Kuttner, Necronomicon, 1990. March 12, 1936.
2 op. cit. April 16, 1936


Clara Chandler said...

I totally agree, Chris. I have to admit I don't believe I've ever read anything by Lovecraft and so, I rarely glance at this blog. But I've gotten curious since there are so many Lovecraft references and articles floating around THL so I stopped in to poke around.

I seldom "tell" the violence in my horror stories -- I tend to describe the results and let the reader imagine the rest. I think our own minds create far scarier images than can be described.

Chris Perridas said...

I'm glad you did, Clara. Keep telling those modern parables of horror and keep your candle lit.


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