Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lovecraft Goes Ebay

Actually, with virtually 1400 Lovecrfatiana items offered each and every day on ebay, Lovecraft seemingly owns ebay.

This is the start of an infrequent and sporadic attempt to see how Lovecraftiana and ebay have merged into an unholy weirdness.

This installment is all about HYPE! MARKETING! SEX! ... and ... CTHULUCULA!

Gods of Pegana! Ia! What Yog-Sothery is this?

Toyzz (tm) is said to be "the world's fastest growing toy and collectible site ..." and this item, "Yes, you have finally found it! ... one never been touched, factory sealed, and very hard to find Limited Edition Toyzz Exclusive 6" Halloween "Dracthulhu" Dracula Cthulhu Plush! ... the impossible-to-find ... variants ... Toyzz exclusive ...". [recent ebay ad]


Actually, to be serious for a moment ... before we glance below at the pic ... Chrispy wants to make a point.

Lovecraft wanted to shatter the hold theologic gods had upon humanity with his inventions so what are we to do now? His myths are as homey as Betty Crocker (tm) and teddy bears. What is the horror in a cute cuddly cthulucula? Um, none. Lovecraft is mainstream and one thinks he would smile at the yoggish silliness, but cringe at the mockery at his nihilistic cosmicism.

[An extract from a recent ad on ebay (c) by Toyzz. Used for scholarly discussion.]

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