Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lovecraft Lets His His Hair Down

I've read more of HPL's letters than I should admit. However, my recent acquisitions have included the remnants of HPL's correspondence with Sam Loveman.

Oh my.

Lovecraft says [April 29, 1923, p. 17], "How will all my undignified language look a century hence?"


With Loveman, he was loose as a goose and as jive as Clive. In corresponding about amateur journalism affairs, he really lets loose.

[same letter] "Hell, but this has been some month! The trip tired me out like the devil ... I'm snuffling, wheezing, coughing - and just for novelty - nearly stone deaf. My left ear couldn't hear a cannon - or George Julian Houtain ... "

"... but gawdamighty, I think I ought to have at least a bit of a vacation! If Mortonius {James Morton} doesn't thank me all the rest of his life for taking this theokratermene {i.e. Lovecraftian circumlocution for 'goddamned'} presidency, I'll denounce him for a fat ingrate! Bah!

" Jhesu! But I'd like to get to Cleveland ... for Pegana knows that bimbo Eglinus {Elgin} doesn't loosen up enough to put you in the opulent division {i.e. $} ... "

HPL even turns on his other close friend, "...And say - what do you think about some illustrations by Clericus Ashtonius? {Clark Ashton Smith} I was just on the point of asking him point blank when I noticed how in certain cases he failed to follow the text in H.B. {Home Brew, "The Lurking Fear" illustrations}."

There you have a few select expletives from the tee-totaler & weird tale writer when he was at his most relaxed.

I wouldn't have a tribute blog for good ol' Ech-Pi-El if I didn't admire - and in many ways identify with - him. However, Lovecraft was more than a legend, he was a man. We must celebrate the man in all his shades, hues, chromas and prismatic flavors.

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