Monday, February 27, 2006

Lovecraftiana: Vampirella

Our resourceful Tom Lera has uncovered a past note on a curiosity.

Lovecraft had a huge surge in the late 60's and 70's - and there has been no reduction in passion for Ech-Pi-El. However, many have discovered that the Gentleman from Providence has a sex-appeal and the presence of his name will HYPE a magazine or book sale.

OK, now back to ... the ... subject.

Here is what "lovecraft" was all about in this issue.

"If you've ever read an H.P. Lovecraft story, chances are you've thought of the man himself - or at least to his state of mind. Was the 20th century writer the keeper of some dark and arcane knowledge that he hid in plain sight in his short stories? Or was he a literary madman, capable of generating a myriad of mythologies, yet tunable to truly exist in his own world? Maybe it was the fact his mom made him wear dresses because she always wanted a girl (you weren't expecting that). [*] In Lovecraft, a new missive published by Vertigo (from a Hans Rodionoff screenplay), comic writer Keith Giffen (Lobo) and artist Enrique Breccia (Che) weave a dark tale of historical fact from H.P.'s bizarre upbringing and awkward adult life with a brilliant but twisted fictitious backdrop - where the Necronomicon, Arkham, Mass., and the elder Gods exist just beyond the borders of reason. H.P. becomes keeper and guardian of the ancient book of the dead. He writes his tales in hopes of sating the hungers of the "unimaginable horrors" bound by the tome. But it's a losing battle, one where Lovecraft must dive into the mouth of madness, forsaking all hopes of a normal life. It's a choice that only a madman, or the secret savior of the world, could make. " - Tom LaSusa

Yep, pure hype. If you actually did buy a copy of the Giffen/Breccia 'zine, post comment below.

Thanks, Tom! for your diligent research into the archives.

* Yes, Lovecraft as a child wore a dress. Virtually all Victorian children were placed in dresses - male and female. In my childhood (the Eisenhower era) hair was left uncut for a very long time - I must have been 3 before I ever had my first hair cut. It was long indeed.

Keith Giffen art

Enrique Breccia art

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