Sunday, February 19, 2006


It's time to spring my newest art purchase on you. On a cold winter's trip through the woods at Bernheim I moved into their art gallery to get warm. There was a considerable array of Russian folk art, but in the back I was astonished to see a number of clay fired pots and sculptures.

The artists live there for several days, becuase once the furnace kiln is lit, it has to be constantly monitored. Eventually the work emerges.

One piece captivared me. I've blogged about it in my Musings and Meanderings, but the piece is sufficiently "weird art" enough to qualify for a Lovecraftian viewing. Page Candler is usually a whimsical artists, but this goes far beyond fairy tale figurines. And ... Chrispy has it.

Yes, a story shall emerge from this.

My new artistic obsession ... "The Potter"

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