Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Varied Notes on "Slater Avenue Army"

It seems to Chrispy that most of the Slater Avenue Army culminated with the 1902-1903 school year. Most likely it was a loosely associated group of those in that neighborhood, and they hung out in Blackstone Park, or at various houses.

I think it's highly probable that any military aspects were due to the future war hero Manton Mitchell, a much older boy (born 1888). Much already exists on the blog about Mitchell, but not yet when he might have moved to the neighborhood.

Of the Munroes, much has been written already - and more to come. It looks like Chester was in Lovecraft's class being about the same age, and Harold almost 2 years younger. This might explain why Harold was fond of the older HPL, if research holds up, but that Chester and Howard were the culprits of much mischief, even name-carvers, if they were classmates.

I found several items opn those HPL listed at various times, and it's interesting to see the age spread on the kids. Again, future digging may invaluidate some of these findings, but as of now it seems they spread out between ages 9 and 15, HPL being a bit toward the center being a young 12 when the 1902 schol year started.

(HPL's birthday was 20 August, and school started 2nd Monday of September).

Since I'm not yet registered for Ancestry.com, these come from older books and directories available on Google and so forth.

The core of the group had formed in 1898-1899, and carried through as Baker Street Irregular detectives (about 1900) and tune singers and a zobo band. A zobo is listed on the blog if you've never seen one. It's not precisely a kazoo, but one could see how a kazoo was derived from the zobo.

Kenneth Tanner born 1890/1891

Reginald Miller born 1890/1891
Percival Miller born 1893/1894

Tom Leeman born 1891

Leeman lived at 128 Irving Avenue, and his father was Joseph B Leeman, a salesman.

Edwin Sidney Sherman born 1889
Stuart T Coleman born 1893 - but Mr. Joshi has him listed as about 14 years old when HPL was 12. "Goo Goo" Coleman seems to fit better with a boy aged 9 when HPL was 12. However, there is also a Stuart C Coleman listed in records. I don't have access to other records yet.

Ronald Upham has been listed on the blog previously. Listed at 51 Adelphi Avenue, he lived with hsi father and grandfather, as best I can detect. They were "blue book" listed.

Harold Munro is not listed, but probably entered the picture a few years later. Munro later became an inventor and rubber chemist, according to Chrispy's research.

Daniel Fairchild is mentioned by HPL as "the teacher's pet". He is listed in the "Blue Book" circa 1905 with the rest of his family. Here is a listing. (175 Governor Street in 1905, but there is a listing of 48 South Angell in 1889). In 1911, Arthur Fairchild was one of the four 1st ward councilmen (not alderman).

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