Friday, May 14, 2010

A Half-Dime Diner

Did Lovecraft drink coffee here? Unknown, but check out the filling fare. All for a nickel.

(1915 nickel pictured. Don't pinch too hard, the buffalo might squeal!)


ThriftPower said...

Was this a Diner in the classic definition? A prefabricated resturant?

Chris Perridas said...

Not sure. Here is a link for the 1889 city directory:

and it lists "Hicks and Lawlor" at 28 Exchange Place (I suppose subsequently it was just Lawlor). On page 1087 of that directory (google books) it lists them with a large ad. I suspect this is a "diner" as in a room in a building. Not the outbuiding type, popular in the (I guess) late 1930's?


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