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C J Jager and Co. Windmills, etc. (prior to 1915) Plus: Cyanide!

From the Ebayeum, actual photo - seller's notes:

Antique photo measuring 3" x 5". I did a close up seen second showing building to far right background with "Windmills Fanes " Sign on lower part of building just above the peoples heads on the street. Some corner creases, slight corner loss as seen. Photo came from Providence Rhode Island Family during this era.

Chrispy thinks it says, "Windmills, tanks, pumps ...". :) That is, probably farming equipment.

More: sad news ...


Peculiar Feature of Providence Loss

Providence, R. I., September 25.—An unusual chemical feature in connection with the loss in the b uilding at 29-37 Carrol street here today will swell the loss by the fire to possibly $35,000, of which the actual fire damage was only about one-third.

The building is of old brick construction and was occupied by a pump distributing concern, a boys' club, a produce dealer and an electro plater. The fire started on the fourth floor, occupied in part by the electro plater, at 1.30 a. m.

The water used by the firemen soaked open a case containing about 250 pounds of cyanide of potassium, a deadly poisonous compound, used in the electro plating process. The solution went down through the floors, saturating thoroughly a stock of drinking water pumps, also the stock of produce, which was promptly condemned by the health authorities, and on which the companies will pay a total loss.

The pump distributing firm, C. J. Jager Co., inc., claimed, with reason, that it would not be safe to distribute the pumps without first having the valves, rubber, leather and other working parts taken down and cleansed, and claimed the expense as a legitimate consequential damage, and the adjusters will accept it as such.

The Jager stock will accordingly figure about a 75 per cent, loss on $15,000 insurance divided as follows: German American, $2,500; Continental, $2,500; Fidelity Underwriters, $2,500; Fidelity Phenix, $2,500; Agricultural, $2,000; Home $2,000; Firemen's Underwriters, $1,000; total, $15,000.

The Deming Mfg. Co. had stock on the premises insured in the North British & Mercantile and the Massachusetts F. & M. $2,000 each, on which the loss will be 75 per cent.

The building, owned by the Cheapside Land Co., is insured in the Providence Washington, $10,000; Continental, $5,000; Firemen's Und., $4,000; Agricultural, $3,000; and Equitable $3,000; total, $25,000.

The rate on the building was $2.70 for fire years; and on contents $1.50 per annum.

From: The standard, Volume 77, pp. 349, 2 October 1915

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