Friday, March 19, 2010

Whipple V Phillips and Eureka Zinc Mining Company

We are about to enter an exploration of a series of primary documents on the business dealings of Whipple Van Buren Phillips.

{For short texts it's not overly tedious to reproduce the text. For long passages it's really tough for Chrispy.}

Acts and Resolves Passed at the May Session 1900
issued July 29, 1889

I, Charles P Bennett, secretary of state hereby certify that Daniel P Williams, Whipple V Phillips, and Clarke H Johnson, have filed in the office of the secretary of state according to law their agreement to form a corporation under the name of Eureka Zinc Mining Company for the purpose of acquiring buying selling leasing improving working and developing mines and lands containing zinc lead or other minerals milling reducing refining and treating ores and minerals constructing buying owning leasing using and operating reduction and refining works and mills for the treatment of ores and minerals buying selling and dealing in ores and minerals and the transaction of any other business incident thereto in any of the states of the United States of America and the territories thereof and with the capital stock of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and have also filed the certificate of the general treasurer that they have paid into the treasury of the state the fee required by law.

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