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Edward Francis Gamwell

Above is an example of Gamwell's first edited newsletter, this one being dated of 11 May 1895. The entirety of Volume 3 is now online.

Chrispy was able to find a few scattered notes in long ago documents for Gamwell.

ST Joshi notes in his Lovecraft Encyclopedia, "Edward Francis Gamwell (1869-1936) … received the A.B. from Brown University in 1894. Gamwell was city editor of the Cambridge (Mass.) Chronicle (1896-1901), editor and proprietor of the Cambridge Tribune (1901-1912), and editor of the Budget and American Cultivator, both published from Boston (1913-1915). Thereafter, he engaged in independent commercial writing and advertising. He was editor of An Historic Guide to Cambridge (1907).

To this we can add some information about the somewhat missing years of 1894-1896 as gleaned from two online copies of the "Historical Catologue of Brown University , 1764-1914" and "… 1764-1914". These can be found online at Google Books under the link: (, "texts".

In the 1904 edition, we have additional and slightly differing information for Gamwell (p.411-412): GAMWELL, EDWARD FRANCIS, A.B. Instructor English, Brown University, 1894-95. Managing editor Atlantic medical weekly, Providence, R. I., 1894-96; City editor Chronicle, Cambridge, Mass., 1896-1901; editor and proprietor Tribune, Cambridge, Mass., 1901- ?. Author various articles in newspapers and magazines. Address, 438 Broadway, Cambridge, Mass.

In the upate, ten years later we have this:

In the 1914 edition we find (p.318, 1894 graduates, for the year ending 1914)
GAMWELL, EDWARD FRANCIS, A.B. Instructor English Brown University
1894-95. Managing editor Atlantic Medical Weekly, Providence, R. I., 1894-96;
City editor Chronicle, Cambridge, Mass., 1896-1901; editor and proprietor Tribune,
Cambridge, Mass., 1901-12; associate editor Budget and American Cultivator,
Boston, Mass., 1913-; *. B. K.; address, 438 Broadway, Cambridge, Mass.

Under the heading "Officers of Instruction" (p.42) there is an Edward Francis Gamwell listed with these notes: A.M. Assistant, Rhetoric, 1894-1895.


Minutes of the Rhode Island Baptist anniversaries, p.116, mentions an Edward F. Gamwell as a "life member" of the Rhode Island Baptist State Convention for the years 12 October 1909 (83rd Annual Convention), 10 October 1911 (85th), 8 October 1912 (86th), 14 October 1913 (87th). There is no confirmation this is THE Edward F. Gamwell of our present interest, however.

{Other Gamwells listed were Charles A.; Mrs. P.G.; Wm {William} A.; Mrs. Wm. A.}


As an aside, note Appleton was a contributor to the newspaper digest.

He is listed as the "Newport-Rogers Professor of Chemistry" at Brown University.
One article discusses "artificial alcohol". He is also mentioned as being an analysist of candy wrappers, wall paper, and colored wrapping paper for the State Board of Health showing no toxic chemicals present. A pretty routine grant for a university professor. :)

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