Friday, March 12, 2010

Scene near Providence Post Office (1912)

It would have been impossible for Lovecraft not to have walked past this scene, or a similar one. The Post Office was on his usual night walks, and a short distance from his 1912 home. It's highly probable that he dropped his post cards and correspondence off at midnight or later, and thus seen this very scene many, many times.

Imagine Lovecraft at 22 years old. You've read his letters and stories. Imagine what he thought. Imagine the sadness and the gulf between him and these children. Imagine what they thought of him! Two alien worlds passing in the night.

November 23, 1912. Providence, Rhode Island. "A midnight crap game in the street near the Post Office. One 12 years old, one 14. One had been shooting here a couple of hours."

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