Saturday, March 06, 2010

454 Angell Street (1899)

More and more books are being scanned into "Da Google" so doing research and searches is getting much more rapid. Only one's imagination and theses are obstacles to unlimited discoveries.

Here is one that Chrispy just uncovered:

The Providence directory By Brown & Danforth (1889).
It doesn't show much for the Phillips, but there was one entry (link, bottom of page) on p. 443.

At this time it lists the house as 194 Angell Street.

The next available issue is the 1899 directory. More is listed.
--The Providence house directory and family address book, Issue 8 (1899)

Young Howard Lovecraft (age 9) is not listed.
A little correction is needed on Chrispy's behalf. In 1899, the old Phillips homestead must have already been numbered 454 - thus Professor Appleton was actually a few blocks away (209 Angell Street). Prof. Alpheus Packard, Jr. is at 275 Angell St. with his family, but not as homewoner, but boarder.

Lovecraft mentions playing in vacant lots. It can be seen the gaps in numbering, so these may indeed be the vacant lots.

If you're interested in who the neighbors are:
(b=boards, h=house, r=rear)


Link for 1889 directory.

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