Monday, March 08, 2010

Weather reports: Procedures of 1903-1904

Of interest was that Lovecraft filled out reports for several years as an observor. Up to at leat 1903, the Government Observer was a Mr B S Pague. How Lovecraft's work as a teenager interfaced with pague or anyone else has yet to be understood.

METEOROLOGICAL The following meteorological instruments have been in operation under the direction of this department the past year 1 self registering barometer 1 standard thermometer 1 thermometer 1 hygrometer 1 anemometer I rnin gauge 1 anemoscope 1 maximum thermometer 1 rain gauge 1 minimum 1 standard barometer The following tables show the record of meteorological observations that have been kept and compiled during tlie year viz One table showing the depth of rain and melted snow that fell during each storm and the duration of each storm in hours during the year A summary is also given following this table showing the number of times from 1877 when the keeping of these records by the City Engineer began to 1003 inclusive that the depth of rainfall of each storm has been the nearest to a series of amounts ranging from one one hundredth of an inch to eight inches One table showing the monthly and annual depth of rain and melted snow expressed in inches from 1832 to 1903 inclusive also the amounts that have fallen from January 1st to the end of each mouth inclusive during each year Twelve tables showing the daily observations during each month of 1903 One table showing the monthly summary for the year 1903 and the yearly summary of each year since 1899 Three tables showing the monthly temperatures since 1880 viz the mean temperature the maximum temperature and the minimum temperature CITY DOCUMENT No 10
The record of meteorological observations is computed and hektographed monthly and about twenty three copies are sent to people who are particularly desirous of obtaining the same for scientific investigation or practical use A great deal of detailed and general information in regard to meteorology is also furnished to people who make inquiries to representatives of the press and for use in court cases The record of amount of snow on the ground on Monday of each week during the winter is furnished to the United States Weather Bureau at Boston and also a monthly record of maximum and minimum temperatures and rainfall is furnished each mouth to the same office Several tests and adjustments of aneroid barometers have been made during the year The use of the self registering anemometer and self registering rain gauge loaned last year by the Government Observer Mr BS Pague was continued until June 25 190.1 when they were returned to the exhibit at Crescent Park The records relating to meteorological observations are kept by the Water Department REPORT OF THE CITY ENGINEER

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