Sunday, March 07, 2010

Lovecraft's Ancestry

From: Donovan K. Loucks

Unfortunately, the spacing of my original "family tree" wasn't preserved, so the relationship between these gentlemen got lost. Here's the same information again but with periods (instead of non-breaking spaces) to show the tree:

Joseph S. Lovecraft (d. 1850, Rochester, NY)
....John Full Lovecraft (d. 1877, Rochester, NY)
........Sidney Joseph Lovecraft (d. 1890)
....William Lovecraft (d. 1882, Rochester, NY)
....Joseph Lovecraft, Jr. (d. 1879, Rochester, NY)
........Joshua Elliott Lovecraft (d. 1898)
....George Lovecraft (d. 1895, Mt. Vernon, NY)
........Winfield Scott Lovecraft (d. 1898, Providence, RI)
....Aaron Lovecraft (d. 1870, Rochester, NY)

To clarify, John F., William, Joseph Jr., George, and Aaron were all sons of Joseph S., and Winfield was the son of George. So, these gentlemen were Winfield Scott Lovecraft's grandfather, uncles, and cousins.

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