Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sidney S Rider, antiquarian (circa 1865)

From the Seller's notes:
From the shop of Sidney S. Rider & Bros. of Providence Rhode Island to a individual who is asking about Drayton's Poems in folio that they happen to have from the library of J. H. Markland, esq, the last surviving member of the celebrated Roxbury (?SP?) Club and that is for sale for $20. Sidney S. Rider (1833-1917) donated one of the largest collections of works regarding the State of Rhode Island in the revolutionary war and was an 'amateur' historian. He published a bi-weekly rag starting in 1883 called Book Notes, that discussed the issues of Rhode Island and it's people during the revolutionary war.

"The doctor was a bachelor; a white-haired, clean-shaven, old-fashioned gentleman, and a local historian of note, who had often broken a lance with such controversial guardians of tradition as Sidney S. Rider and Thomas W. Bicknell. "
- Shunned House, HPL


1865 Sidney S. Rider Providence Book Dealer Drayton's

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