Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lovecraft in a recent popular business book

In the book Spent, by Geoffrey Miller (2009) I found a Lovecraft quote (p. 265), after a fashion. It shows how permeated our society is now by Lovecraft.

“Consumerism’s Cthulhu-like tentacles have, of course, reached right into runaway consumption domains in their own right.”

Miller’s thesis is that Western marketing techniques need to be reexamined and altered to properly align with sociological characteristics such as personality, openness to ne ideas, intelligence, and other preferences. This has to do with evolutionary sociology, a relatively new biological science.

The point is that in a dissertation like this, Lovecraft’s mythology is used as an analogy assuming that most people are now vaguely aware of it. That’s quite a milestone for Western, and an English speaking society.

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