Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Pulver's "Blood": Review

On Amazon.com Wilum posted the following on Blood Will Have Its Season --

"Joe gave me this book in electric form at last year's H. P. LOVECRAFT FILM FESTIVAL -- and I read half of it, wanting to save the rest so as to read it in actual book form. Joe's readings at the Lovecraft Film Festival have left people stunned by the beauty and power of his work -- and this collection, long-overdo, is a firm and solid testimony of a writer with rare vision, dark visions laced with brutality and blood. S. T. Joshi, who is not easily pleased, has been stunned by this writer's new work. I sat next to S. T. as we listened to Joe reading last year, and S. T. murmured, "Remarkable, remarkable." I look forward to seeing Joe next month in Portland, Oregon at the next Lovecraft Film Festival, at which he and I will exchange new books of our weird fiction. If I seem to vanish during the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival this year, you can pretty well assume that I am locked in my hotel room -- reading BLOOD WILL HAVE ITS SEASON, or cowering from the visions it has provoked. A fantastic talent of outstanding grace and power! "

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