Thursday, September 03, 2009

Lovecraft's High School Year Book (1906) A

For $75 this can be yours at Ebay.
{Chrispy has the 1905 Yearbook. I hope one of you can get this and we can compare notes!)

The seller states:

1906 Hope High School Annual Blue and White with wonderful photographs and text about the young women and men, including faculty, students, sports, activities, graphics, and literature. Seniors are photographed in groups and get detailed personal paragraphs. Great old photography, literature, and beautiful design!
Of Special Note: > Photographed sports include football, basketball, hockey, track, and baseball. The baseball team went 14-2!

Names of the graduating seniors include: edith angell, lucy arbuckle, donald babcock, katherien baggott, charlotte barry, gwendolyn blodgett, bessie bloom, john brennan, mildred brown, mabel bushell, myra capron, frances carroll, edith cobb, estelle collier, edith collins, herman copeland, dana crawford, esther cristy, alice crocker, edith daniels, earl davis, earl dawley, katherine dean, richard eayres, clarence fletcher, william freeman, bertha furlong, anna gomberg, liela gupta, ethel griffin, arthur ham, gardner harding, meritta hawkins, elmer horton, lucile jacobs, donald jackson, grace kennedy, george laird, grace lee, sarah levalley, caroline lewis, marjorie lillibridge, william lynn, frank mcevoy, keith mercer, amrie metzger,edward moran, c. marguerite munroe, nellie nelson, charles neves, olive o'connor, dorothea ruoff, hope sessions, rosamond shaw, alexander stoneman, mary suffa, arthur sundlun, howard taber, leila tucker, anna wallace, margaret westcott, loise williams, herbert wray.

Photographed athletes include: Football: kilton, mcnaught, andrews, babcock, russ, harding, nisbet, kean, budlong, longhran, adn donahue; Baskeball: captain marsh, nisbet, donahue, budlong, and babcock; Hockey: bullock, chapin, donahue, brice, brice, bosworth, budlong, nisbet, and eayrs; Baseball: fred budlong, bliss, kennedy, donahue, w. budlong, a. budlong, lougharan, feely, tingley, kilton, and webste. Track: captain seabury, manager harkness, allen, bullock, randall, budlong, loughran, salisbury, and nisbet.

Photographed Yearbook Editors include: stuart horton, edith angell, donald babcock, herman copeland, esther cristy, dana crawford, earl davis, gardner harding, william lynn, leila tucker, amrgaret westcott, and donald jackson.

Local Advertisement includes: Boar's head Grocery, Dawson Bicycles, John Metzger Apothecary, What Cheer Stables, Albert Miller Bonds, Wright and Ditson Sports Wear, L. P. Eklund Tailoring, H. B. Cranshaw Boats and Canoes, Barstows Agawam Hunt Club, Meek Pharmacy, Phillip Tally Merchant tailor, Browning and King Haberdashery, Rafael Catino Shoe Making and Repair, Stoneman & Grossman Grocery, Beech Grove Canoe House, Peter Maynard Shaving Rooms, A. S. Doane Fish, Gates & Wilson Westminster Street Shirtwear, Lyman's Seaconnet Hotel, Richard Jenks Mechanical Engineer, Preston & Rounds Booksellers, J. G. McIntosh Carriages, J. B. Brennan newsdealer and Tobacconist, Irons and Russell Emblems, Calef Brothers Marketmen, Elsbree & Valleau Button Gloves, Herbert Haynes Apothecary, T. J. Johnston, Flowers, Joseph Mann Piano, , and many others ...........

Good to very good condition hardback issue complete with with clean pages, and no must or mildew or smoke effects.

Wonderful beautifully done annual giving a true historic look at the Providence Rhode Island and its promising young women and men at Hope during the Theodore Roosevelt years. Just waiting for a nice home!

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