Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lovecraft: Tangential


A scholarly magazine relying strongly on critical articles analysing all aspects of gothic/weird fiction: published twice yearly with no covers or interior art'' ( Monthly Terrors, Parnell & Ashley, pp. 118) all three in FINE CONDITION

Volume 1, Number 1 (June 1979) Pamela J. Shelden and Kurt Paul Daylight Nightmares / David Sutton The Dead Field / Mark M. Hennelly, Jr. Stevensons’s "Silernt Symbols" of the “Fatal Cross Roads"' in Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde / Robert Keefe Entombed / Dirk W, Mosig Lovecraft: The Dissonance Factor in lmaglnatlve Literature / Ardath Mayhar Oregon Gothic / Donald R. Burleson, John Mclnnis Two Views of St. Armand's Lovecraft / Benjamin Franklin Fisher IV Best-Selling Horror / Benjamin Franklin Fisher IV The Engllsh Ghost Story

Volumc 1, Number 2 (December 1979) / Galad Eiflandsson I'he Exile / Syndy Mcmillen Conger Faith and Doubt in The Castle Of Otranto / John Bovey The Fifth Door / The 1978 Bibliography of Gothic Studies / Benjamin Franklin Fisher IV Horror by the Bucket-and the Fingerbowl / Bette B. Roberts Romantic Gothicism / Mark M. Hennely, Jr. 'l'he Cult of th Occult /

Volume 2, Number 1 (June 1980) / Jean Muno, Karl Kim Connell The Voice of Blood / Paul Lewis Beyond Mystery: Emergence from Delusion as a Pattern in Gothic Eiction / Lee Weinstein The Lady in Darkness / Phillip C. Heath The Narrow House / Roberta Ventsias Party, Last Tuesday/ Kent Ljungquist Two-Thirds of Ketterer's Trilogy / John A. Stoler A Recent Gothic Study / Mark M. Hennelly, Jr. Dark World Enough and Time / William E. Coleman ` The Modern Weird Tale And the Gothic Tradition/

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