Friday, December 07, 2007

Robert Barlow Correspondence

Just when I thought I was getting to know Lovecraft, here comes this bombshell. As usual, Mr. J and Mr. S have an exhaustive and superb book. I knew that HPL was catty and spoke his mind behind people's back. For instance, he called his best friend Frank Long a bolshevik! Another shocking revelation is while Barlow was in California, he dreamed of driving over to see Clark Ashton Smith. After three letters, Smith wrote back a scathing two line letter saying that he did not like the way Barlow handled the disposition of Lovecraft's estate and never to write to him again. Barlow was devastated.

I'm looking forward to reading more. :)

H. P. Lovecraft's Letters to R. H. BarlowEdited by S. T. Joshi & David E. Schultz $40.00 Hardback - 504 pgs.ISBN: 978-159732-034-4

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