Monday, December 03, 2007

Lovecraft's Legacy: 1979 (Fantasy Mongers)

Fantasy Mongers #2 published in 1979 by W. Paul Ganley. This magazine contains infomation on Fantasy and science fiction writers, books, pulp digests, checklists, short stories, and lots more hard to find information. These are great for collectors, fans, and researchers of rare science fiction / fantasy. This rare fanzine is staple bound and paper wrapped.
Contents Include:
Incident at Nor-Um-Bega by H. Warner Munn
Fool-Con II report
That Which Brings Death by Nick Carr
Graveyard Walking and Gravewatching by John Dinan, about Lovecraft gravewatchers.
Front Cover by C. Pelletiere
Back cover by Victoria Poyser
artwork by J.K. Potter
Lovecraft advertisementThis issue is in nice shape. There are some lite creases on front and back covers. Very lite edge and corner wear. Excellent interior!Don't miss out on this highly collectible rare fanzine!!

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