Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lovecraft's Legacy: 1956 (Fantasy Sampler)

FANTASY SAMPLER No 4, June 1956. Very RARE fanzine, doubtless limited to a hundred or so copies. Mimeographed on good quality paper, thus in quite good condition. Very slight crease along the spine where the magazine was opened. The staples are slightly rusty. Special CLARK ASHTON SMITH ISSUE, including an article, "The Last Romantic" by S.J. Sackett, a reprint of CAS's prose poem "From the Crypts of Memory," and a partial Smith bibliography. Also in this issue is a reprint (from THE TRYOUT, 1916) of "The Pow'r of Wine" by H.P. LOVECRAFT. G.M. Carr reviews SCIENCE FICTION THEATRE. Very nice. A must for the CAS collector!

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