Sunday, December 02, 2007

J Vernon Shea

Here is a Necronomicon Press book. Chrispy hasn't read this one, but here are comments included in a recent sale (Starting bid $23.99) by "arkham books": Necronomicon Press IN SEARCH OF LOVECRAFT, by J. Vernon Shea, Vernon Shea (1912-1982), Introduction by Robert Bloch, Afterword by Donald Wandrei, First Printing (First Edition Thus), (June 1991) Rare Out of Print BOOK: Necronomicon Press (West Warwick, Rhode Island), June 1991, First Printing (First Edition Thus). No reprints. Softcover Chapbook Format (Octavo ~ 8.5" x 7.5"), 42 pages. Out of print. Rare and in demand. CONDITION: Near Fine Plus. Minimal age wear. CONTENTS: In Search Of Lovecraft; J. Vernon Shea (introduction by Robert Bloch and Donald Wandrei) /// This is the first major collection of essays, fiction, and poetry by original Lovecraft correspondent J. Vernon Shea. One of the prime movers of the Lovecraft revolution in the 1970s, Shea helped to bring many into the Lovecraft field at that time as well as help us regard Lovecraft with a more humorous and critical eye. It may be then years since his death now, but his work is still as enlightening as when first written. Through essays, poems, as well as "Cthulhu Mythos" fiction, the reader will meet in this collection the man who will certainly be more than just a footnote in the history of Lovecraft fandom and criticism. /// RARITY AND VALUE: First, a word on Necronomicon Press: Most of NP's publications (especially anything prior to 1989) are hard-to-find, very-in-demand, and growing rarer by the day! Necro Press stands above all on their scholarship on H.P. Lovecraft and related topics, but beyond that, the integrity of their work is unsurpassed. Not only from an intellectual point, but also from a publishing standpoint -- that is, when they publish a book, rarely is it reprinted -- thus the integrity of a First Edition remains as very few reprints exist of their hundreds of publications. As such, once you purchase an out-of-print book, it stands to reason it will not only retain its value, but go up. Press runs were small, and they are NOT reprinted. Second, now, a word about this book in particular. A quick scan of the various Internet Book & Auction Sites, as well as the multitude of catalogs I receive from Horror and Sci-Fi Booksellers turned up SIX copies (so fairly common by Necronomicon Press standards), average price was around $25.00. Good luck.

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