Saturday, December 08, 2007

Lovecraftiana: Jeffrey Combs Reads H P Lovecraft

The CD states that Herbert West was "inspired by Frankenstein". Lovecraft often made sly allusions to Mary Shelley (including The Last Man) but it's unlikely he was inspired by the story. He may have parodied it, but HPL was his own man, and Herbert West is no more Frankenstein than The Hound is Dracula. It's cool to see Jeffrey Combs' signature. - CP.


(From the seller) Jeffrey Combs reads HP Lovecraft Re-Animator (CD is signed, see image). Horror film star Jeffrey Combs signature in red marker on front bottom.VERY RAREDisc Excellent, packaging excellent, replaceable case has a few scratches-From the Cd sleeve-"In 1921 at the age of thirty-one, H.P. Lovecraft officially became a professional writer by agreeing to pen a short horror serial for the weird-action pulp magazine Home Brew. The "Herbert West-Reanimator" serial was six gruesome tales inspired by Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, and was a group of stories Lovecraft considered to be his "poorest work... stuff done to order for a vulgar magazine, and written down to the herd's level." Contrary to Lovecraft's opinion of his own work, Re-animator is a very enjoyable macabre tale filled with suspense and dread. Since the story appeared in serial form, each month's issue featured a new installment with each successive installment beginning with an ever lengthening summary exposition. I've taken the liberty of judiciously editing out most of the repetitions and, in doing so, I took great care not to disrupt Lovecraft's intended rhythm and flow. I hope you enjoy!"
Sincerely Jeffrey Combs

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