Saturday, December 15, 2007

Recluse Press (1926)

From time to time I like to snag images of Recluse Press titles - those printed by Lovecraft's friend W Paul Cook. Unfortunately, $500 for this copy is out of Chrispy's price range.

Read the notes by the seller: With a preface by Samuel Loveman.The Recluse Press,1926.FIRST EDITION/FIRST PRINTING.HARDCOVER.Penned name of former owner in the blank front end page.@" X 2" chip to top right area of the blank back end page.Pastedown title on front board.LIGHT rubbing to board tips.SOLID & CLEAN,BRIGHT & CRISP.GOOD +. 31 pages.SIGNED BY FRANK BELKNAP LONG.LONG'S FIRST PUBLISHED WORK.Twenty poems including one on reading Arthur Machen. LIMITED PRINTING OF 315 copies released ! The Recluse Press' First Title !
HERE is a LEGENDARY title in the flesh & SIGNED !!

.........THE PROPHET.....
"He stood by the river and whistled through his hands
And ibises from Egypt filled the morning lands;
They circled in the air,and their wings caught the sun
And they turned gold and crimson ere his song was done.
II knew he was a prophet,and I swore by my hat
To place on Hathor's altar a yellow tiger-cat:
But then he somehow heard me,and though I tried to fly
He turned and cursed,and I became-a shadow on
the sky ! "

Sounds a bit like H.P.Lovecraft's NYARLARTHOTEP !
HERE is the Cthulhu Mythos author in his first rare work !

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