Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fantasy Mongers #1

$45.00. Fantasy Mongers 1 SUPER RARE Circa 1979 by W. Paul Ganley Front & Back Covers by J.K.Potter, "H.P. Lovecraft And Edmund Wilson" by L.Sprague De Camp, "An Interview With Robert Bloch" by Darrell Schweitzer and more... Very nice condition: just a hint of dirt on the white border, interior is pristine. Probably Never Read. Part of the Long Lost SWAN'S MAGAZINE MART COLLECTION *
Another copy surfaced , too, with a No.2.
$25.00 for set. Weirdbook Press: Buffalo 1979. Illus, 11 x 8.5", stapled wraps, 31; 39pp, ink date on No. 2, yellowed with cigarette smoke odor. The pair.

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