Friday, October 05, 2007

Three Lovecraft Letters in Archives of Harvard

At Houghton Library, Harvard College Library :
Lovecraft, Howard Phillips, 1890-1937. Autograph letter signed to John Howard Birss; Providence, 19 Jan 1934. 1s.(1p.)
Acquisition Information: *67M-102. Gift of Thomas O. Mabbott, Mar 1968.

Lovecraft, Howard Phillips, 1890-1937. A.env.s. to Richard Ely Morse; Providence,R.I., 28 Feb 1933. The letter once contained therein has been placed in theBritish Museum.
Acquisition Information: * 50M-201. Gift of Prof. T.O. Mabbott, 6 Feb 1951.

Lovecraft, Howard Phillips, 1890-1937. 3 Autograph letter signed to Richard Ely Morse:
Providence, 30 Aug 1933. 1s.(2p.) env.
same, 16 Jan 1936. 2s.(2p.) env.
same, 9 Feb 1936. 1s.(2p.)
Acquisition Information: *67M-128. Gift of Thomas O. Mabbott, Feb 1968.


VWD said...

Are there any copies of these letters available online? Or are they in any of his books? It would be interesting to read them.

Chris Perridas said...

I've never crossed paths with these two letters. They would be interesting. If only a library has the resources to post all his correspondence in a searchable data base. Maybe in 30 or 40 years. :\


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