Monday, October 08, 2007

Images of Poe's Shrine by Tom Lera (2007) and More Ancient Images Compared.

(c) 2007, Tom Lera, used by permission.

(c) 2007, Tom Lera, used by permission.

Poe's Shrine as featured in 1875 Harper's weekly.

Close up of another 1875 image of Shrine.

Shrine as it appeared in 1910 (a few decades before Lovecraft saw it).

Shrine as it appeared circa 1940 several years after Lovecraft saw it.

Poe's full name is given in capital letters on the base. Each of the other sides carries a different inscription: (North side) "Maria Clemm Poe; Born; March 17, 1790; Died; February 16, 1871"; (West side) "Edgar Allan Poe; Born; January 20 [sic], 1809; Died; October 7, 1849"; (South side) "Virginia Clemm Poe; Born; August 15, 1822; Died; January 30, 1847."

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