Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dave Prosser: Artist

Recently, Chrispy posted a series of fanziine notes that referenced the art of David Prosser. (For quick access to all the blog notes on David Prosser, click on the "David Prosser" label below. ) Here is an anecdote submitted by George Wagner:

Dave Prosser was one of the very best of the late 1950s fan artists, and unlike many of the others he obviously liked to illustrate horror fiction rather than just producing a lot of the "cute" fan art of the day. He illustrated one of my earliest fictional efforts, in a fanzine published by one Robert N. Lambeck, himself a teenager. I don't remember the name, since it underwent several changes. I forget the original title entirely, but he changed it to CONNECTIFAN when his parents moved from north Florida to Connecticut. When they moved to Royal Oak, Michigan, just a short time later he changed the name to EXCONN. But Lambeck changed it again after several young readers claimed they weren't permitted to read anything published by an ex-convict! Anyway, that was where I was first exposed to Prosser's artwork.

George Wagner

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