Friday, October 19, 2007

The Drake Equation, Lovecraft's Nihilistic Thoughts, and Alien Races

This could be a very long essay! I won't do that to you. The Drake Equation is a means to determine IF there are sentient civilizations that exist coincident to our civilization. Lovecraft had doubts, but his fiction predicted that they would be so far in advance of us that we would be like dust mites to them.

In recent years we've learned more about the Universe, and its dark matter and dark energy. Wouldn't it be neat to find that there are dark energy creatures such as Lovecraft postulated. I imagine that moments after the Big Bang - probably a collision between two universe-membranes - dark energy sentient life was created. These immortal beings who live as if a pico-second was one of our years immediately realized that the current Universe was finite (perhaps 26 billion years?) and they would have to create sophisticated machinery with advanced quantum physics in order to make the jump to the next Universe when new multiverse membranes collided. Thus, these immortal beings' goals were to live forever from one new universe to another as the old one extinguished.

However, what if there were dark energy sentient lives in those other universes, too? The competition to learn the ultimate secrets of survival and immortality would be keen between the various god-like dark energy beings. What wars would they have!

Here is a great site that discusses some of these factors.

It reads in part ... Although possibly outside the auspices of this discussion, the Drake Equation does not account for the presence of post-radio capable civilizations, particularly post-Singularity machine intelligences. This is a problem because of what these types of civilizations might be capable of.

The equation is used to determine the number of radio capable civilizations as they conduct their business on their home planet. Again, this is a vary narrow view of ETI's and the space of all possible advanced civilizational types. Moreover, it does not account for any migratory tendency that advanced civs may have.


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