Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lovecraft's Legacy: Die Monster Die, 1965

Here is a vintage ste of images, the one above pimping "Die, Monster, Die" which had Karloff starring in a movie loosely based on The Colour Out of Space. By the way, Chrispy is a huge fan of Lon Chaney, Jr. and Bela Lugosi, too.
... Monster World #5 published by Warren Publishing in 1965 ... a full size scan of the cover so that you can see the condition of this magazine. ... The cover illustration of Tor Johnson was created by Gray Morrow. In this issue you can enjoy a 10 page article on Ed Wood's "Bride of the Monster", starring Bela Lugosi (in one of his last roles) and Tor Johnson. This article will take you through the whole movie's plot. It also includes 10 photos and a b&w reprint of the original lobby poster. So sit down on a stormy night by the roaring fire, put on your angora sweater and read about "Bride of the Monster"! - Ed Wood will be smiling down at you.
Another article, "The Monster in the House at the End of the World" (the title was later changed to "Die Monster Die!") is about the movie based on H. P. Lovecraft's "Colour Out of Space" and starring Boris Karloff. This is another 10 page article that is also loaded with photos.
Monster World helped to inspire a whole generation of kids to go off and create horror movies. It's mix of articles and photographs and analysis of horror and Sci Fi movies provided thoughtful insights into the movies of the time. Take a stroll back to the 60's and enjoy some horror and sci-fi movies.
This issue of Monster World has photos of the movies mentioned on the cover plus: "Found: Fiendish Face of the Forgotten Frankenstein", "Dracula's Victim Dies", "Fang Mail", "Terror Talk" and more. Lots of great reading and pictures! (not to mention the sick humor!!)

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