Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mythos Story: Cody Goodlfellow

In The Shadow Of Swords
Cody Goodfellow
August 1, 1998Baghdad, IraqFor seven years, the United Nations Special Commission has tried to strip the defiant Iraqi war machine of its chemical and biological arsenal. For seven years, Warren Revell and his international team of scientists have beat their heads against a wall of deception and force, and discovered nothing. As they prepare to go home in defeat, an intercepted transmission from a secret chemical weapons installation called Tiamat forces them into a rogue inspection to prevent an unthinkable disaster.
It's leaking into the control room!Remain calm. Everything is under control.Give me the combination for the door! For the love of Allah, let us out!
This is what they think they've been waiting for. But as they get closer to the truth, they find it is much more than a question of contraband weaponry. A secret deadlier than nerve gas and older than humankind is waiting for them at Tiamat: waiting for them to discover it, and let it out.

It begins ... Warren Revell has never considered himself a religious man, let alone a superstitious one, but the midsummer, midday Iraqi heat quickens the ascetic core of any soul who stays out in it too long. For months it has feasted mellowly on his idealism, but is now leaping the firebreak into his poorly defended will to work at all. As he waits, he contemplates how a place from which the first civilizations reared themselves up out of mud, where God and/or Allah set down the first man and woman and witnessed their fall from grace, could have come to this.
We’re still falling, he tells himself. If there ever was a Paradise, we’ve never been further from it. If you’re up there, God, show me the truth behind all this before I have to go. Let me go knowing what’s at the bottom of all this and I won’t bother you again.

You can read the rest of the story at the new Chrispy Lovecraft Gorup (click here and join!)

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