Friday, May 18, 2007

Providence Church Autographed Copy 8

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We are continuing the listing tonight of a large collection of miniature books ( 3" or less ) ,vest pocket books and purse books ( 5" or less ) , including examples of miniature almanacs , pocket guides , thumb bibles and dictionaries , tokens of love and friendship ,William Shakespeare and leatherbound books of poetry , Ernest Nister and Raphael Tuck , and a few oddball miniature artifacts and souvenires . Probably over 200 items . We will continue each night probably for the next several weeks , maybe longer .

When we ran the first batch last summer , some bidders asked where they all came from .
Well , I can't be too specific about the source , not only for my own interests , but for the interests also of the seller , who is bringing them to me in small batches . But I have realised from certain clues in a few volumes that they were probably collected by a lady who had a used and rare bookstore just outside of Providence RI , who started her business in the 1950s (and if you were a dealer or collector in New England in the 1970s and 1980s , you may have bought at her famous back yard outdoor Labor Day weekend sale which she held each year) .
This lady had "connections" with many Southern New England Historical Societies , which accounts for the many 19th Century volumes in the lot . She has probably passed on now , And I am not sure if the seller got them directly from her estate , or if they passed through other outlets before they came here . I am buying everything that is presented to me , and listing them here on eBay , but I am holding back volumes which were offered to me as single volumes of 2, or 3, or 4 volume sets , until I see if I eventualy will have all of the volumes complete . The seller may bring all of the remaining volumes by early spring . Also I have a number of poor condition or volumes with missing pages which I will group together in "clean up" lots at very low token opening bids , probably in late Spring .

Bacon, Dolores.OLD NEW ENGLAND CHURCHES. And Their Children. : Doubleday, Page & Co. 1906. Hard Cover. 442 pp. 4to 7 by 10" tall. 442 pages, illustrated with thirty-three illustrations in photograuvre and half-tone, from photographs. Good copy with minor ex-library marks. The gilt pictorial cover is clean and bright. This copy belonged to Howard Phillips Lovecraft , the famous horror / fantasy author , and has his handwritten inscription and bookplate at the front .

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