Monday, May 28, 2007

Marvel Tales: Mythos Writers Well Represented

The seller states:
All 5 issues – a complete set - of the rare pro-zine MARVEL TALES from 1934-1935, including:

MAY 1934, Volume 1 Number 1 The Man with the Hour Glass (L.A. ESHBACH), Antares (poem, Natalie H. WOOLEY), The Cossacks Ride Hard (August W. DERLETH), Celephais (H.P. LOVECRAFT), Binding Deluxe (David H. KELLER, M.D.), Tales Ahead. * NEAR FINE, minor wear/small chips to overhang, pages clean and bright. 40 pages. Cover price: 10 cents.

JULY-AUGUST 1934, Volume 1 Number 2 Editorial Scribblings, The Dark Beasts (Frank B. LONG, JR.), The Garden of Fear (Robert E. HOWARD), Synthetic (Harl VINCENT), From the Log of the Space-Ship Flammarian (poem, Manly Wade WELLMAN), Antidote (Robert M. HYATT), Conquest (poem, H. Donald SPATZ), The Torch of Life (Joe W. SKIDMORE), A Horror in Profile (Wilfred Blanch TALMAN). * NEAR FINE, light tanning to pages (publishing error: pp.13-16 from The Garden of Fear were printed as pp.33-36 from Synthetic, so pages from former story are missing). 60 pages. Cover price: 15 cents.

WINTER 1934, Volume 1 Number 3 Editorial Scribblings, The Second Step (Orris M. KELLAR), The Ferryman (poem, Timothy H. LOFT), Lilies (Robert BLOCH, his 1st published story), The Ship (poem, Duane W. RIMEL), On Board the Space Ship Terra (L.A. ESHBACH), The Golden Bough (David H. KELLER), The Titan (part 1 of 4, P. Schuyler MILLER). * NF-FINE. 68 pages. Cover price: 15 cents.

MARCH-APRIL 1935, Volume 1 Number 4 The Creator (complete novelet, Clifford D. SIMAK), Serial: The Titan (part 2, P. Schuyler MILLER), Serial Reprint: The Nebulae of Death (part 1, George Allen ENGLAND), The Doom that Came to Sarnath (short story, H.P. LOVECRAFT), The Cathedral Crypt (short story, John Beynon HARRIS, pseudo. John WYNDHAM), Masters of Matter (short story, Amelia Reynolds LONG). * VG+, very shallow chipping to bottom corners of first and last few pages and back, light tanning to pages. 108 pages. Cover price: 15 cents.

SUMMER 1935, Volume 1 Number 5 Mars Colonies (Miles J. BREUER), Man from Makassar (Carl JACOBI), The Titan (part 3, P. Schuyler MILLER), Annabel Reeves (Ralph Milne FARLEY), The Elfin Lights (Anders W. DRAKE), The Nebula of Death (part 2, George Allen ENGLAND), Witch’s Bereuse (poem, Emil PETAJA), Editorial Scribblings. * G+/VG-, covers held together by yellow tape (splitting at spine), light wear to overhang, chipping to bottom corners of early pages. 58 pages. Cover price: 15 cents.

Editor, William L. CRAWFORD Consulting Editors, Raymond A. PALMER (credited in #1), Walter L. DENNIS (credited in #1, as Assoc. Ed. in #3, 4 & 5) Associate Editor and Art Director, L.A. ESHBACH (credited in #1, 2 & 3) Art Editor, Clay FERGUSON (credited in #4 & 5) Southern Representative (advertising & circulation), Alvin M. GAINES (credited in #1)
Published by Fantasy Publications (Everett, PA.)

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