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Lovecrfat Source & Autographed Too (Mu & Churchward)

Ebay Text:

Col. James Churchward (
1851-January 4, 1936) was best known as a British born occult writer, however, he was also a patented inventor, engineer, and expert fisherman. He was the elder brother of the Masonic author, Albert Churchward (1852-1925.) He was a Tea Planter in Sri Lanka before coming to the US in the 1890s. In James' biography entitled "My Friend Churchey and His Sunken Continent," he discussed Mu with Augustus LePlongeon and his wife in the 1890s. He patented NCV Steel, armor plating to protect ships during WWI, and other steel alloys. After a patent-infringement settlement in 1914, James retired to his 7+ acre estate on Lake Wononskopomuc in Lakeville, Connecticut to answer the questions from his Pacific travels. In 1926, at the age of 75, he published The Lost Continent of Mu, which claimed to prove the existence of a lost continent, called Mu, in the Pacific Ocean.

We are offering a rare signed copy of The Lost Continent of Mu, the Motherland of Man. By Col. James Churchward, Illustrated, published in New York by William Edwin Rudge, 1926. The second endpaper is inscribed thusly, "Geo. L. Reed, Cordially Yours, Churchward. With the compliments of Dr. G.H. Tauzer." We're not sure what the last part means, but the writing is the same as that of Churchward's facsimile signature on the frontispiece.

316 pages, 9 and a half by 6 pages, black cloth at the spine with blue paper covered boards with bright gilt titles and an occult symbol in gilt. The book is filled with occult symbols, photographs, prints, etc. A great copy.

Churchward was a true character.

Claims and hypothesis

According to Churchward, Mu "extended from somewhere north of Hawaii to the south as far as the Fijis and Easter Island." He claimed Mu was the site of the
Garden of Eden and the home of 64,000,000 inhabitants - known as the Naacals. Its civilization, which flourished 50,000 years before Churchward's day, was technologically more advanced than his own, and the ancient civilizations of India, Babylon, Persia, Egypt and the Mayas were merely the decayed remnants of its colonies.

Geologically, the existence of Mu, as described by Churchward, is extremely unlikely, since the Andesite Line would run through the western parts of the continent.

Churchward claimed to have gained his knowledge of this lost land after befriending an Indian priest, who taught him to read an ancient dead language (spoken by only three people in all of India). The priest disclosed the existence of several ancient tablets, written by the Naacals, and Churchward gained access to these records after overcoming the priest's initial reluctance. His knowledge remained incomplete, as the available tablets were mere fragments of a larger text, but Churchward claimed to have found verification and further information in the records of other ancient peoples.

His writings attempt to describe the civilization of Mu, its history, inhabitants, and influence on subsequent history and civilization.

Churchward claimed that the ancient Egyptian sun-god
Ra originated with the Mu; he claimed that Rah was the word which the Naacals used for "sun" as well as for their god and rulers.

Authors of the name

The name
Mu, as applied to a lost continent, was made popular earlier by the French physician Augustus Le Plongeon, as an alternative name for Atlantis, a lost land supposedly located in the Atlantic Ocean, though it goes back to Charles √Čtienne Brasseur de Bourbourg in 1870.

Popular culture

Churchward is mentioned in fiction in the short story
Through the Gates of the Silver Key by H. P. Lovecraft. Churchward's writings are a key influence for the plot of the anime series RahXephon. He is also a source of information for Acharya S, in her two books, "The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest story ever Sold" and "Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha, and Christ Unveiled."

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