Friday, May 04, 2007

A Lovecraft Letter In Detail: Part 3 (Digression)

A waterman pen of the era is a rare find these days. Hana is a collector and afficianado, and has been nice enough to send along a photo of a typical pen that HPL used.

She comments on HPL's penmanship, "The ink is, without a doubt, fountain pen ink. It looks to be blue-black ink ... I have a vintage bottle just like it. I still think HPL would have benefited from using a finer nib point, but thicker nibs do create less friction (Crane's paper and other textured cotton papers can be a little rough on fine points)."

"I know that the Crane family was a very patriotic family to begin with, and had much to do with supporting the Revolution-- some patriotic newspapers were also printed on their papers. "

Hana speculates, "Would HPL have known?"

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