Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Lovecraft Letter in Detail: Part 5

I believe that HPL is referring to the Palisades, New Jersey - a granite outcrop that is relatively accesible from New York. However, this is subject to your comments, dear readers.
... daemon-city Akghurr & the frightful five-dimensional temple of Hei-Y'at. Really sinister scenery is the one thing which cannot be found among the exquisite rural beautify of Southern New England. One has to get up to Vermont to see any natural landscapes suggestive of the weird. About the most daemoniac place I ever saw was a valley in New Jersey - in the foothills of the Ramapas - where the sides were covered with the outcroppings of a black crystalline basaltic formation, & the floor was strewn with curiously angular fragments. I only saw it once, but its image has lingered with me.

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