Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Lovecraft Letter In Detail: Part 4

Tsathoggua - or Azathoth still broods cryptically on his neighboring pedestal, eyeing with varied emotions the trivial human world into which he has been projected. I certainly would like to see the rocky Desert of Deserts beyond Bodrahlin whence he came, & doubt not but that many arcane palaeagean entitles even more terrible than he lie waiting _?__ beneath the scariac flocks which mark the ruins of the ... {daemon-city Akghurr & the frightful five-dimensional temple of Hei-Y'at. }

As to the word in question, you be the judge. The ebay transcriber could not make it out (in fact the ebay transcriber made many errors that I am correcting).

I make out a.r.a.l.(i).(z/y/g).(?).l.y

1 comment:

umenohana said...

I believe the word reads "malignly." Could "flocks" be "blocks" instead? "Waiting" looks more like "wasting" to me-- but would it make sense?



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