Thursday, November 04, 2010

Tracking the Elusive Lovecraft: 13-15 December 1897

Mr. Joshi tells us, "The first play he saw was "one of Denman Thompson's minor efforts". [p. 26, HPL:A Life, fn 77 = To Kleiner, 16 November 1916]

OK, but when?

We previosuly saw that he must have attended "Cymbeline" on Saturday, 25 December 1897. Luckily Chrispy was able to see in the Providence Nws of 9 December 1897, the announcemnet that on 13-15 December 1897, "The Sunshine of Paradise Alley" was produced at Providence Opera House under Robert Morrow's managership. "Real life, real people ... at the docks."

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