Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Manton Campbell Mitchell Update

When Lovecraft was a wee lad, he went to school and met Chester Munroe, his little brother Harold, and Manton Mitchell. Back then, Manton was keen on military things, so no surprise he grew up to be a military hero in WWI.

It turns out that there are several Phillips' tangents.

Col. Joseph P. Manton was MCM's grandfather. His mother met John B Mitchell and married, and while Chrispy can't find there addreses, it's clear that MCM lived in the neighborhood and attended Slater Avenue. In 1905, Col. Manton is listed on South Angell Street, but not the Mitchells. In fact, Chrispy can't find the Mitchells until John B Mitchell ran for and won Addison Munroe's legislative seat when Munroe became State Senator in 1910. Mitchell's address then was at 612 Angell Street.

Does that seem familiar? It is the home of Theodore W Phillips, brother of WV Phillips, and great-uncle to Howard. TWP died in 1904, and his adopted son TWP II soon rented out the big house, and eventually the Mitchells rented it - they didn't buy it because TWP II had it in 1915 when he had a lawsuit with a painter of the house.

Col. Manton held the business, The American Ship Windlass Company until 4 October 1911 when it moved to Philadelphia. Co. Manton died 16 October 1912, but by then Manton Mitchell, his grandson and namesake, was already at West Point. He graduated by 24 July 1909. He graduated 100th in merit, the same class that George S Patton graduated at 49th in merit.


If you check out the link, you will find that Manton entered West Point on 15 June 1905 at age 17 yrs 7 months. That puts his birth month at November 1887.

That's all for now, but stay tuned as we explore Lovecraft's childhood friendships in a future post.

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