Thursday, November 18, 2010

Providence Opera House Programs

Recently seen ...

4 antique programs from the Providence Opera House in Providence, Rhode Island.
Note Georgie Primrose's Minstrel show - coyly referred to in a White Christmas' "Minstrel Show", an Irving Berlin song.

That's a joke that was told
By the minstrel men we miss
When Georgie Primrose used to sing
And dance to a song like this:


Week of Jan 18, 1904 - Phoebe Davis as "Anna Moore" in "Way Down East" cover - The Earl of Pawtucket cast and synopsis inside - Includes advertisements for Coca-Cola, Palmer and Madigan Whiskey, Naragansett Lager & Ale and more.

Week of Feb 20, 1905 - Annie Russell in her new play "Jinny, The Carrier" cover - The Wizard of Oz cast and synopsis inside - Includes advertisments for Coca-Cola, Pope Automobiles (State Agt for "Oldsmobile"), Ford Cars, Stevens-Duryea Automobiles, Narraganset Lager & Ale, Beeman's Pepsin Gum, Moet Chandon champagne and more..

Week of Nov. 6, 1905 - George Primrose's Big Minstrels cover - Mlle. Modiste cast and synopsis inside - Includes advertisements for Stevens-Duryea automobiles, Coca-cola, Rigi cigars, Beeman's Pepsin gum Narragansett Lager & Ale and more..

November 1915 - Cousin Lucy and Some Baby cover and inside - Advertisements for Providence Auto Show, Occident, Victrola, Providence Brewing Company Bohemian Beer, Hanley's Brewery Bottling Brew, Narragansett Lager & Ale and more

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