Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mitchell Loses Election

When you do research without a tightrope, you can easily make errors. However, I put it out there, and so here it goes.

The man I believe to be Manton Campbell Mitchell's father is John Mitchell. MCM was the boyhood playmate with HPL, Chester and Harold Munroe. I have not yet discovered how they met, but my working hypothesis is through Chester Munroe when HPL first attended Slater Avenue Primary school - though MCM should not have been in that school at that time, as he was nearly 2+ years older than HPL, and at least a year older than Chester.

In any event, Mitchell took Addison Munroe's democratic state legislative seat when Munroe was elected state senator. That was in 1910. In 1912 he narrowly lost, and the election results are presented here in an image from the Providence Evening Tribune, 6 November 1912.

Chrispy believes that HPL at this time was keenly interested in politics, and so it is relavent to his study. I also believe that John Mitchell was living in Theodore W Phillips' old home at 612 Angell Street during this period.

(You will see a fragment where Addison was relected as senator but now is not the time for that information on the blog.)

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