Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chrispy's Lovecraft Dream

Well I suppose it had to happen.

I woke up Friday night (actually very early Sayurday morning) after a dream. Maybe it's becuase I've been doing a DVD "Medium" TV marathon. Maybe too much of George Noory's Coast to Coast AM and "Workers in the Light". Probably way too much Lovecraft research, as I had just read a couple of September 1906 Providence Tribunes on Google News Archive before I went to bed.

In any event, Lovecraft appeared to me. Or more specifically, I was in Providence circa late 1920's, and he walked with me introducing me to neighbors and friends in a cordianl and convivial manner. It's a bit fuzzy after a few days, but I think we went to the Boston Store, by the Providence Opera House, met some business folks on Westminster, and while I don't recall a trolley ride, we sure covered a lot of terrain if we didn't.

He looked just as he always does in photos, and since I dream in color, it was in color. He had a typical Providence accent with a tinge of Western Rhode Island. Thankfully, there was no comment in the dream of my Kentucky accent.

There were no monsters, no weirdness, just a pleasant afternoon with HPL on the streets of Providence.

Egads, I spend way too much time reading about Lovecraft.

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