Monday, August 16, 2010

Tracking the elusive Lovecraft: A TR Date !

In biographies of Lovecraft, it's stated that Lovecraft saw his hero Teddy Roosevelt at the Providence Opera House on August 1912.

A specific date can be given to this event. On 12 August 1912 in Chicago, the Progressive Party, nicknamed the Bull MooseParty, convened and nominated Theodore Roosevelt for their presidential candidate after the Republican convention was shattered by a split between Taft and Roosevelt.

Just days later, on 16 August 1912, a speech was given that Lovecraft attended. This was a reprisal of a previous triumphant appearance back in August of 1902. (See 23 August 2010 post, upcoming).

After the Bull Moose convention, Roosevelt stormed New England:

Providence, Rhode Island, 16 August 1912
A Speech on Boston Common 17 August 1912
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 22 August 1912
Burlington, Vermont 29 August 1912
St. Johnsbury, Vermont, 30 August 1912
Hartford, Connecticut, 2 September 1912

For Lovecraftians, it is often hard to nail down a specific date and time for the young Lovecraft. This is at one date that we can pin down with exact precision.

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