Wednesday, August 04, 2010

More on Derleth in Saturday Review (1959)

A few days ago I posed the following, and subsequently, Dave Goudsward was able to fill in some of the mystery.

Original post, excerpt, full text unavaialble. Saturday Review, September 19, 1959, p. 25

Sauk City's Literary Values

Apropos John Clardi's stimulating piece on the BIG TABLE controversy it
seems ... {...} ... ought to be allowed to do so. The faculty overssers
acted properly in removing these contributions from under university
sponsorship, but general censorship is another matter.

August Derleth
Sauk City, Wisconsin

The link below will explain the Big Table controversy. Essentially, U
of Chicago told the staff of the the student literary magazine Chicago
Review that they were prohibited from publishing the Winter 1959 issue
due to content. The entire issue was published as a new magazine
called The Big Table. The piece in question was an installment of
William Burroughs' The Naked Lunch, and the magazine was seized as
obscene by the Post Office and became a huge controversy about
journalistic and intellectual freedom.

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