Thursday, August 19, 2010

Evangeline Larry: Teacher of Violin

Once again, we see that Lovecraft's sitz im leben (setting in life) places him in the midst of a "trend" in Providence. Recently, Chrispy has given you the biography of Mrs. Nauck, his violin teacher. "For two years I made such progress that Mrs. Nauck was enthusiastic...". She was, by Lovecraft's memory, the preeminent teacher for children. However, there were many others, it appears, who made a living teaching violin.

Providence was growing rapidly (akin to the growth of a Las Vegas today). Plenty of opportunity.

We saw a glimpse of Oscar C Roy, a Belgian. Today, we find another prominent violin teacher in Providence: Miss Evangeline Larry circa 1895.

For such teachers to have enough students for support, there had to be "a trend in the wind", methinks. It was the thing to do. Recall that in this era - the 1890's - much entertainment was done at home of the stylish and elite. Theater was held, but singing, piano playing, and so forth were often after dinner evening divertiments. (Watch the wonderful movie, Meet Me In St Louis, for instance, a nostalgic reproduction displaying circa 1903).

WHEN we affirm that one possesses the soul of genius, we have touched the foundation on which greatness is built. Evangeline Larry possesses in a large degree, both by nature and education, the elements which combine to make the true and successful musician. To know her and understand her temperament, is to recognize that she belongs to the class of artists who win honor and fame. Though born in Weston, Mass., in 1872, she removed to Penacook, N. H., soon after, where her father, Rev. John Hale Larry, was actively interested in educational work, and it was in the Granite state that she took her first violin lessons, when eight years of age, and commenced the development of her wonderful musical powers. Subsequently the family removed to Providence, R I., where her study became methodical, earnest work, her parents deciding to fit her for a professional career. For several years she has been a student with Herr Kneisel of Boston, and to-day she is the most prominent violin teacher in Providence. As a concert violinist she fills many engagements ; she plays with fine artistic taste and finish, possessing to an unusual degree that rare quality, soulfulness. Her musical insight and interpretation lend great charm to her rendition of the classics, while her coloring of some delicate bits of composition, is wonderfully dainty and exquisite. Miss Larry is modest and unassuming, with a sweet graciousness of manner which wins many warm friends. Musically considered, she is doing a phenomenal work for one so young. Strongly devoted to her art, it is her plan to broaden her culture by study in Europe. She has the ideal home environment, where she has been carefully nurtured and educated. Her musical ability has been used in pleasant cooperation with her father in his ministerial duties. Her summers are spent with the family at " The Manse," their summer home at Penacook.

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